May 6, 2019, be at Kingwood Center Gardens at 3 P.M.

  On Monday, May 6 the Smithville Community Historical Society will once again be on a Road Trip. The group will travel to Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield with their tour starting at 3 P.M. This tour requires a fee of $7.00 and advance reservations, which are to be made with Nita Downey at 330-669-3969. The reservations must be made no later than April 22. This is a special time of the year to visit the gardens as there are close to a million tulips in bloom with many other plants preparing to bloom. The gardens are planted to have colorful plantings throughout the gardening season. The home and gardens consist of 47acres with the French designed home being built for Charles Kelley King in 1926. Mr. King was the first electrical engineer for the Ohio Brass Company being hired in 1893. Leading the company into the manufacturing of electrical fittings for railroads and trolleys. Mr. King had no family to leave his home to so he created a foundation to finance the care of the home and gardens and was first opened to the public in 1953. We will be able to view the first- ever exhibit of Ohio Brass, detailing it's history and the triumphs of this company from Mansfield. We will also be able to view the progress of the Garden Gateway Project which will be an addition of 15,000-square-foot addition to the Garden Gate Center which is expected to be completed in 2020. The group will then travel to 10 S. Park Street in downtown Mansfield to have dinner at a new restaurant “Reindeer Grill.” Usually the restaurant is not open on Monday, but is opening especially for our group. We will be ordering from the menu.